Sunday, January 4, 2015

Garden Painting, Daily Painting, Small OilPainting "Gardens at Hyde Park" 6x8" Oil

Another Wednesday....and another WILD AND WACKY SALE!  This week I am featuring another of my favorites.  I visited London a few years ago and this painting is a result of that trip.....a beautiful English garden and cottage in Hyde Park.  The painting originally was priced at $95.95, is currently on sale at $75.00, but when you purchase from the "Purchase here" link below the image, I will send you back $10.00!  Just note the words "WILD AND WACKY" on the order.

Purchase here
We have all heard about the beautiful English countryside and the gorgeous gardens that are found there.  The cool and moist sea air bring perfect growing conditions to the British isle.  This garden in Hyde Park was a shining example.  May of the flowers were much taller than I.  The cottage was actually some type of Park Headquarters, but was equally charming on the outside.  It was truly a treat to stumble onto this diamond.


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